What are your sinks made of?

Every creation from Whyte & Company manufacturing floor is made from Whytestone™, a  substance that is as durable as it is beautiful. Whytestone is a proprietary blend of stone minerals, liquid pigment and resin. What makes it unique is the highest quality pigments that permeate throughout the  substrate making our products both colorfast throughout and durable as a marble or granite.

How long does it take to get my sink once I've ordered it?

Each sink is handmade-to-order at our factory in the U.S.A. once it's placed and ships within 4-6 weeks of order placement. Our sinks ship via U.P.S. and standard delivery generally takes 2-3 days. Larger orders are shipped via LTL.

How do I clean my sink?

To keep your sink looking its best everyday just follow these simple steps:

  • Wipe sink down with a soft cloth after each use to remove any debris.
  • For everyday cleaning, use a mild liquid detergent with a sponge.
  • To address stains, use a mildly abrasive cream cleanser such as Soft Scrub.
  • Never use petroleum-based products when cleaning (ex: paint thinners) as they may damage your sink. Personal hygiene products and cosmetics will not damage your sink.

How do I repair scratches?

One of the best features of Whytestone™ is that the color goes through the product. So to repair scratches, sand the area using 600-, 800- and 1200-grit sandpaper: begin with the lower number (coarser) grit followed with each higher number (finer) grit in ascending order. Finish by polishing the surface using a cloth.

What colors are your sinks available in?

Every sink and countertop we manufacture is available in more than 30+ colors. Each color is paired with a coordinating Pantone color from the Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Guide to help guide your design direction.

How durable are your sinks?

Our sinks are extremely durable and have been tested by a third-party laboratory to judge how the unit performs under stresses like impact, heat, and thermal shock. Pair that with the fact they are non-porous, which makes them extremely hygienic and resistant to stains. All of the color in a Whyte & Company product goes entirely through the sink. This means scratches can be easily repaired with a few swipes of sandpaper. From every angle, our sinks are made for the most demanding daily use.

Can your sinks be specified for commercial settings?

Yes! Our sinks are built of material designed for extended daily use in public spaces. Non porous and bacteria resistant these sinks can be specified both in your residential and commercial projects.

What is your return policy?

As this is a made-to-order, custom product, returns can be placed for damage to the unit or a defect. We do not accept returns regarding dissatisfaction based on color. The only way color issues are considered a defect is if the color of the units received does not adequately match the color chip on a Whyte & Company sample card. Requests for return due to defect must be submitted within 5 business days of receipt of the unit in writing to customerservice@whyteandcompany.com. Please supply pictures of the defect a long with the reason you wish to return the unit. The customer is responsible for return shipping on all units unless damage has occurred in the original transit. Once the unit is received at Whyte & Company, inspected and approved for return, the customer's account will be credited.