About Whyte & Company

We are a different type of sink manufacturing company: one who is determined to change the conversation in designing in color with plumbing fixtures. With a standard offering of more than 30 colors available in every stone composite sink we make for the bathroom, kitchen, bar/prep and laundry room, our goal is to provide designers, architects and home owners more design options than ever before in those spaces.

What makes our products durable and able to stay colorfast for years, is that unlike than other plumbing products offered in other materials, our products are made with the highest quality liquid pigments that permeate throughout our proprietary WhytestoneTM substrate. Whytestone is a blend of stone minerals and resin that makes the product colorfast throughout while being incredibly strong. Meaning scratches merely sand away with a few swipes.

With a wide range of vivid colors and a palette of new neutrals that hasn’t been seen in more than 30 years, we dare you to #dreamincolor.


About Founder and CEO Kim Vance

Favorite Color: Pink
Hobbies: Painting, DIY anything
Style: Functional Glam

For more than 20 years, Kim Vance has built a career as a marketing consultant and executive building the brands of companies ranging from Fortune 500s to startups. The daughter of interior design retailers, Kim experienced the power of color in design from a young age watching the bold palettes of fabrics, wallpaper and window coverings transform both residential and corporate spaces. After running her own successful marketing agency, Trugenius, for more than a decade, Kim most recently led the helm of the rebrand of one of the country's largest rug manufacturers, Feizy, as the Vice President of Marketing. She often describes reentering the design industry as having the feeling of a sweet homecoming and is excited about being a part of designing products and colors that will positively impact people's daily experiences. With an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas and a BBA from Baylor University, Kim lives in Dallas with her two sons Noah and Peyton.