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What We Love (and Hate) About Flat Bottom Sinks

What We Love (and Hate) About Flat Bottom Sinks

We are here to set the record straight about flat bottom sinks. They are absolutely stunning and have luxury written all over them. Owning one is like having a really expensive pair of Louis Vuitton stilettos. When you strut your stuff, you feel as though you are on top of the world and can do anything. 

Imagine running 26.2 miles in high heels. You would probably run a lot slower than if you were wearing comfortable tennis shoes and not to mention your feet might hurt like hell, but you would look amazing! Owning a glamorous flat bottom sink is kind of like running a marathon, just at a stiletto pace.

The truth is if it looks flat, it is flat, meaning 90-degree angles. The only thing helping the sink drain is gravity and the force of the flowing water. Flat bottom sinks are elegant yet still get the job done, although the reality is if they are not installed properly, they will not drain as fast as round sinks. If you are looking for a faster draining sink that is great with children, a traditional round sink might be the best option for you. However, if you are looking for a highly luxurious and trending sink that doesn’t drain as fast, a flat bottom sink will be the perfect fit.

What We Love about Flat Bottom Sinks:

  • Functional Art: Flat bottom sinks become a piece of art that you can use every day! 
  • 90-Degree Angles: The sharp, crisp lines create the modern, angular design of our flat bottom sinks.
  • Trendy: Dazzling, bold and unique shapes are trending and we can't help but soak them all up.

How to Properly Install a Flat Bottom Sink:

  • Level, level, level: Make sure that both the front and sides are leveled for our undermount and vessel sinks.
  • Clearance Clarence: Make sure your drain configuration has plenty of clearance and space.
  • Install a Valve Flow: It cost $5 and creates the negative underflow that most of our sinks require for ideal draining.
  • Proactive Solutions: Giving your flat bottom sink more TLC than a normal sink, cleaning with soap and a scrubby sponge. Also, avoid installing in busy or kid rooms.

Look, life is too short to not buy the stilettos: no matter how badly they pinch your toes. It’s also too short not to own a stunning sink for its clean lines and incredible beauty. 

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