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Refresh Your Space With Spring Greens

Refresh Your Space With Spring Greens

No, we are not talking about incorporating greens into your diet! Adding green to a room has grown in popularity over the past few years--from cabinets to painting an accent room wall. Now you can even own a green sink in your kitchen!

Green is a calming color: it creates tranquility, but it can also be a very motivating and energizing color! Our colors Kelly Green and Apple are shades of green that are vibrant, bold, and sophisticated. If you just aren’t sure about those, Mint or Emerald Isle are modest, and more neutral colors that may be better for you. Regardless of what shade of green you may choose, it creates a huge statement that will refresh your space.

Don’t be afraid to get rid of the old and come in with the new! That’s what spring cleaning is all about, cleaning up, throwing or giving away what we no longer want. Honestly, spring cleaning is exhausting! Take a breather this week and sip on something cold. Maybe even cheat a little this year by installing a green sink instead!

Installing a green sink in a kitchen is almost like planting a beautiful plant in your garden. I love having flowers, herbs, and plants around the house but I will admit, I am that person who plants something and forgets to water it. How wonderful would it be to have something green inside all year round?

Revive your kitchen this year, and enjoy creating the perfect area to cook and clean in daily. Make your kitchen inviting, cozy and interesting with a green sink! Your kitchen will become the most treasured room in the house and you won’t help but be in there all the time!