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Product Designers on the Modern Meaning of Made-in-the-USA

Product Designers on the Modern Meaning of Made-in-the-USA

Pride. Innovation. Craftsmanship. America has always been a country of makers and artisans, where high-quality goods are crafted with care by neighbors and friends. The same is true today, when a movement towards custom-made products and design is sweeping the nation. We talk to three product designers at the forefront of America’s custom-made movement about the concepts of “bespoke” and what “Made-in-the-USA” means to them.

Jessica Davis - Nest Studios
Who: Jessica Davis of Nest Studios
Product: Cabinet Knobs and Pulls
Where: Brooklyn, NY

"'Made in America' to me means honesty in materials and innovativeness in design. I think of small batch, artisanal items made by locals who take pride in their work. It offers us the flexibility to be at the forefront of design and manufacturing and use that innovation to create new and interesting products."

Kim Vance - Whyte and Company
Who: Kim Vance of Whyte & Company
Product: Made-to-Order Colorful Stone Composite Sinks
Where: Dallas, TX

"There’s a large push for custom right now in the design industry. I’m seeing the bespoke trend in everything from wallpaper to flooring to textiles, in addition to what we are doing. It’s the best way to help really reflect the personality of the homeowner or space that the design is being crafted for. For us, we’ve found that hand-making our products in the U.S. allows us the speed and flexibility to offer a high-quality, cool product into the market."

John McDonald - Semihandmade
Who: John McDonald of Semihandmade
Product: High-Style Cabinet Doors for IKEA Bases
Where: Duarte, CA
“’Made in the USA’ immediately brings to mind traditional words like pride and integrity and hands-on doing; it's a stamp of approval that is recognized and admired worldwide. For Semihandmade, we manufacture in the U.S. because it's the only way to really control the quality of our product and we take great pride in employing friends and neighbors. Companies that manufacture here are generally made up of people driven by passion and a love for what they do, drawing inspiration from the materials around them.”