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Learning to Embrace Your Quirk

Learning to Embrace Your Quirk

Life is Too Short Not to Own Pink Stilletos

Growing up we are given pragmatic advice for success: save your money for a rainy day, don’t eat yellow snow and only buy neutral shoes that go with everything. While I agree with the first two, that last one is just plain wrong. 

Somewhere along the last few decades, we’ve been instilled to fear being bold in letting our personality show in color in everything from your shoes to your decor. We bought the line that we wouldn’t be able to sell our houses if they aren’t white, and stainless and devoid of safe, broadly appealing features. I bought it and lived it and then one day I just said “nope”. Maybe I listened to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” for the thousandth time and it clicked or maybe it’s because I turned forty and let my sass flag fly, but I decided that life is too short to brush my teeth in a white sink and to not just buy the pink stilletos, especially when you only have enough money for one pair. That’s why I started this company. Even against the advice of many old men who had made sinks for 50 years and told me I was crazy - that no one would want colorful sinks again. The time had passed. 

I’m proudly a little quirky, a little left of center. I love color, in everything! So even though I have literally no authority to do so, I’d like to give you permission to buy bedazzled hats, and dye your hair purple at 50 and get a pink sink if you want to just because there are only so many “some days” left. If you love color, if it makes your soul shiny, take the opportunity to embrace it on the daily. Your smile will thank you. 

Your sister in the color revolution, 
Kim Vance 
Founder & CEO