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It's Time for the Big Reveal

It's Time for the Big Reveal

What little girl hasn’t dreamed of having the perfect pink kitchen? Leslie Biggley was building a new kitchen for the popular One Room Challenge and knew she had to have a pink appliance. In the end, she found the most perfect solution to her craving for pink in our Bobby sink in Blush. According to Leslie, the sink is a showstopper that adds so much personality and character to the space. No one can believe she has a pink sink and they just love it! The best part, she says, is it has changed the way she looks at having a sink because she never wants a dirty dish sitting in it. 

We just love it because we couldn’t think of a more elegant frame for this beautiful piece than the space that Leslie designed. Can you live with pink everyday? Leslie’s kitchen proves that you can, but only if you want to smile every time you wash a dish.

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